The Local Activist Accelerator

Learn. Collaborate. Activate.

Join our community of exceptional citizens who are standing up to power to reclaim their cities and towns.

Our country is facing critical challenges. Lack of leadership from elected officials, harmful policies that threaten our children and families, and quickly shifting social and cultural norms can leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless.
You want to be part of the solution, but between limited time and competing personal priorities, where do you begin?

The good news is, you’re not alone. 

And the even better news is, making change in your local community is easier than you think. The Local Activist Accelerator is made up of patriotic and passionate individuals who have heeded the call to get involved. They stand ready to share their skills, insights, and success to inspire your own journey to becoming a grassroots leader.

The time is now.

We no longer have the luxury to sit on the sidelines and let politicians, bureaucrats, and so-called experts make decisions that go against long-held American values and Constitutional principles. 
It’s imperative that parents, grandparents, small business owners, young and old alike take our rightful seats at the table and participate in the process.

The Local Activist Accelerator will help you quickly learn, collaborate, and activate.

Learn: As a member of the Accelerator community, you’ll participate in training and workshops, receive coaching and mentoring, and learn other skills to build your activism toolbox. 
We will help you identify your interests and passions and where your time and effort will have the most impact. 

 Collaborate: Our network of grassroots leaders is your best resource for getting and sharing strategies to help you make positive change in your community.
Be encouraged and inspired by the success of other activists.

Activate: Ready to take action on a project, campaign, or policy initiative impacting your community? 
Get the coaching you need to build momentum and success. 

The Citizen Ninja Way

The Accelerator is home of The Citizen Ninja Way™, a method of activism that teaches effective strategies, tactics, and tools resulting in positive change at the local level. The training includes foundational principles that prepare you to be a civil, composed, and credible activist, followed by techniques to build and deploy a team for success. This course is included with your Accelerator membership.

Local Activism & Free Speech 

Truthful, open, and accessible communication is the foundation of a civil and free society. Every issue, challenge, and opportunity hinges on an individual’s ability to speak freely. Free speech is central to critical thinking, learning, and the expression of one’s identity.
People in society form communities, groups, and organizations around shared interests and ideas. The ability to discuss, educate, and advocate for their cause is rooted in free speech. No nation can flourish without freedom of expression.
The Local Activist Accelerator is a project of Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS). We are dedicated to exercising our First Amendment Rights as protected by the U.S. Constitution. Our vision is an America where every citizen values and courageously defends their First Amendment Rights by actively participating in the public process at the local level.

Our Team

Patrick Wood, Founder & Chairman, Citizens for Free Speech
Kimberly Miller, Director, Citizens for Free Speech
Mary Baker, National Training Director, Citizens for Free Speech

Join us today!

Stand up for your family, your future, and your freedom. Be part of a proactive and encouraging community that is leading the way toward a brighter tomorrow!